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The FIDO2 authenticators need metadata to verify when registering.
The certified authenticators' metadata are acquired from FIDO MDS Server.
But the FIDO MDS Server is in construction. You may not find your device metadata. So we also provided some of the metadata we have. Please contact us if you want more metadata. Please download the appropriate metadata files and upload them to your authentication server.

From FIDO MDS Server

The metadata from FIDO MDS Server is encrypted and has only 1 file named “blob.jwt” for all of the certified authenticators.
Please check the below Custom Files if you cannot find your device.
Total: 153 authenticator(s).

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Authenticator AaGuid Status
ACS FIDO Authenticator 50a45b0c-80e7-f944-bf29-f552bfa2e048 FIDO_CERTIFIED_L1
ACS FIDO Authenticator Card 973446ca-e21c-9a9b-99f5-9b985a67af0f FIDO_CERTIFIED_L1
Allthenticator App: roaming BLE FIDO2 Allthenticator for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Allthenticate door readers 5ca1ab1e-1337-fa57-f1d0-a117e71ca702 NOT_FIDO_CERTIFIED
Android Authenticator with SafetyNet Attestation b93fd961-f2e6-462f-b122-82002247de78 FIDO_CERTIFIED_L1
Arculus FIDO 2.1 Key Card [P71] 3f59672f-20aa-4afe-b6f4-7e5e916b6d98 FIDO_CERTIFIED_L1
Arculus FIDO2/U2F Key Card 9d3df6ba-282f-11ed-a261-0242ac120002 FIDO_CERTIFIED_L1
ATKey.Card CTAP2.0 d41f5a69-b817-4144-a13c-9ebd6d9254d6 FIDO_CERTIFIED_L1
ATKey.Card NFC da1fa263-8b25-42b6-a820-c0036f21ba7f FIDO_CERTIFIED_L1
ATKey.Pro CTAP2.0 e1a96183-5016-4f24-b55b-e3ae23614cc6 FIDO_CERTIFIED_L1
ATKey.Pro CTAP2.1 e416201b-afeb-41ca-a03d-2281c28322aa FIDO_CERTIFIED_L1
ATKey.ProS ba76a271-6eb6-4171-874d-b6428dbe3437 FIDO_CERTIFIED_L1
Atos CardOS FIDO2 1c086528-58d5-f211-823c-356786e36140 FIDO_CERTIFIED_L1
authenton1 - CTAP2.1 b267239b-954f-4041-a01b-ee4f33c145b6 FIDO_CERTIFIED_L1
Chunghwa Telecom FIDO2 Smart Card Authenticator 175cd298-83d2-4a26-b637-313c07a6434e FIDO_CERTIFIED_L1
Crayonic KeyVault K1 (USB-NFC-BLE FIDO2 Authenticator) be727034-574a-f799-5c76-0929e0430973 FIDO_CERTIFIED_L1
Cryptnox FIDO2 9c835346-796b-4c27-8898-d6032f515cc5 FIDO_CERTIFIED_L1
Dapple Authenticator from Dapple Security Inc. 6dae43be-af9c-417b-8b9f-1b611168ec60 NOT_FIDO_CERTIFIED
Egomet FIDO2 Authenticator for Android 1105e4ed-af1d-02ff-ffff-ffffffffffff FIDO_CERTIFIED_L1
ellipticSecure MIRkey USB Authenticator eb3b131e-59dc-536a-d176-cb7306da10f5 FIDO_CERTIFIED_L1
Ensurity AUTH BioPro 454e5346-4944-4ffd-6c93-8e9267193e9b NOT_FIDO_CERTIFIED
Ensurity ThinC 454e5346-4944-4ffd-6c93-8e9267193e9a FIDO_CERTIFIED
ESS Smart Card Inc. Authenticator 5343502d-5343-5343-6172-644649444f32 NOT_FIDO_CERTIFIED
eWBM eFA310 FIDO2 Authenticator 95442b2e-f15e-4def-b270-efb106facb4e FIDO_CERTIFIED_L2
eWBM eFA320 FIDO2 Authenticator 87dbc5a1-4c94-4dc8-8a47-97d800fd1f3c FIDO_CERTIFIED_L2